Company Achievement

Group companies are incorporated under private limited company and wholly own by Malaysian. Successes of the project were carried out as follows:

Property Development / Management Property in Malaysia Kumpulaniaga Langkawi Resorts : Sold over 5,000 units of housing, including real estate services and bungalows.
Kumpulaniaga Langkawi Resorts : Designed and developed a private college in Negeri Sembilan of 24 acres worth RM70 million.
Platinum Oasis Global Sdn Bhd : Has 5 dining hall (free of charge) with an area of 11,549 square feet in Sri Jasmin Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Education Sector in Malaysia Putra International College Sdn Bhd : Owns and manages an international college in Malacca on a land of 4.9 acres began in 2001. The College has a student population of 900 people.

The construction sector Real Estate / Property Management, Calcutta India Platinum Engineering Construction Pvt Ltd joint venture : It has an area of 3 acres of land in India to set up a 5-storey complex and 2 blocks Shopping Service Apartment valued at USD 50 million.

Logging sector in Papua New Guinea Mailot Global LTD : Timber concessions in Papua New Guinea with an area of 217,600 hectares.